Basic Cable TV Package

With our Basic Cable TV Package you have access to most of our channels. Some of the highlights are the Networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX), Disney, The Weather Channel, HGTV and many, many more.

All prices and content and subjec to change. Please call you cable office for current pricing and listings.

Basic Package Cost
Basic Service
Channels 2-92 (Includes all local broadcasts)

Cable Boxes Cost
Digital Box $3.00/box per month
High Definition Box $9.95/box per month
HD DVR Box $5/box per month

Add-On Packages

You can customize your own entertainment package with our Premium Movie (Digital) Add On Packs, along with our Extra Add Ons. Mix and match your choice to get just what you want to watch.

Excitement YOUR way!

Premium Movie Add-On Packs Cost
10 Channels of HBO Excitement!
Showtime & TMC
17 Channels of Showtime and The Movie Channel!
Starz & Encore
21 Channels of Starz and Encore!
6 Channels of Cinemax Excitement!

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